Unic Rotarex® galvanized steel warehouses Revolutionary system for producing steel warehouses that reduce the price, and the working time and improves the quality indicators.
By buying steel warehouses from Unic Rotarex®, you benefit from complete and free online consultation, both during the design period and during construction.
After 26 years and dozens of steel warehouses designed, produced, and built all over the world, no one doubts the authenticity and value of the technology proposed by us.
The production unit is of the latest generation.
The design team consists of architects, specialist engineers, and university professors who recommend themselves.
We work with assembling teams, on several continents.


  • The indicative estimate will help you to make an opinion about the price.
  • The official quotation is drawn up on the basis of the technical project and the quantities of materials and works.
  • The order is done easily, by email. By signing the official quotation, you have also placed the order.
  • The agreement draft is completed by the official quotation signed and assumed by both parties.
  • Payment is done in installments: advance, and balance on delivery. Interim payments for large contracts only.


UniC Rotarex® galvanized steel warehouse technology revolutionizes the price and lead time for warehouses with a clear span of up to 15m and eaves of heights of up to 6m.
The 25-30% lower price compared to other systems places our products in the market’s most competitive galvanized steel warehouses in the size category mentioned above. Prices for the Unic Rotarex® galvanized steel warehouses are offered in three clear ways:

Standard warehouses prices

The price refers to the metal structure with the technical resistance project. Make an indicative opinion about the price for a certain size or model of the warehouse.

Price calculator

Configure the desired warehouse and the works we offer by simply ticking the options offered in a few clear steps with explanatory drawings.

Ask for a personalized quotation

When you have an architectural project or a clear sketch of what you want to build, send us the details, and in 2-3 working days you will receive the price estimate by email.




Common foundations, like the ones used in classic systems.
Connection to the foundation does not require bolt housings. Fix in place with stainless steel anchors or chemical vials if necessary.
The geotechnical study determines the type and dimensions of the foundation.
The execution of the technical project is our task. You will be able to build the foundation with local teams based on the plan received from us.


The steel structure

Lightweight poles, made by composing trusses with lattice. Easy to handle with 3-4 workers and easy to fasten with hinged connectors.
Lightweight beams and trusses that can be assembled even without a crane, with a little technique and caution.
A very economical and practical construction system for small and medium-sized steel warehouses with a clear height of up to 6 meters and a maximum free span of 15 meters.



Due to the steel structure’s slimness, finishes can easily be achieved by external cladding with sandwich panels. It can also be clad on the inside with sandwich panels, reducing the heating surface and protecting the structure from fire, as is the case of gyms.
If required, the steel structure can be clad with house-specific layering.



The design of lightweight steel structures is done only by specialist engineers, approved by Unic Rotarex®. We can intermediate the MLPAT verification.


Production is done on a production line consisting of last generation CNC machines. All of our products carry the CE mark.


The assembling consists of the pre-assembling of the structural elements in the factory, and the assembling on-site, which is done by collaborating teams.


We can intermediate the transportation service, you make the order and payment.


After you buy an Unic Rotarex® steel structure, you benefit from free advice, both by phone and by other media, during the installation and also during the other construction phases.


  • ISO 9001 – quality management translated into concrete working procedures.
  • CE marking – factory production control according to SR1090-1.2, materialized in work instructions.
  • Declaration of performance – is the document that certifies the performance of the product.
  • Quality certificate – the document that certifies the quality of manufactured products.
  • Warranty certificate – the document that certifies the warranty of the purchased products.


The portfolio doesn’t need words, it shows simply and correctly what one has done and can do. We leave it to you to appreciate.


The website is the property of Unic Rotarex®. It has been published with the aim of presenting in a simple and easy-to-read form for our customers. Specialized information only on galvanized steel warehouse structures.
Full information about us can be found on the main Unic Rotarex® website by clicking the button below.


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